Introducing the
TranscenDance Body Vitality Program

Imagine standing in front of a full-length mirror, energized, radiant and loving every inch of your body…

Imagine enjoying the kind of deep, self-CONFIDENCE that comes from knowing you are perfect and whole exactly the way you are.

Imagine moving and dancing and enjoying total freedom in your body!

What if you could easily say…

“I am at peace with my body, I feel great in my skin,
and I express myself freely…”

  • How might this support how you care for your health?
  • How would this positively impact your ability to attract love and abundance?
  • How would this impact your ability to freely shine your light and do your work in the world?

If we haven’t met yet, I’m Jennifer Joy Jiménez, I’m in my 40’s and I love being able to say that I am confident, energized and THRIVING in my body temple. I feel total and complete love for my body, and I really do feel amazing in my skin! This freedom fuels every aspect of my life, my marriage, mothering, my life energy, the global work I do and more. And I am the creator of the TranscenDance Body Vitality Program.

But, before I created this program, for decades I struggled with deep-rooted body-image issues, extreme dieting and exercising, I never felt thin enough, or good enough. I felt REALLY, REALLY stuck in my body for years! I wanted to feel confident and free in my body. I wanted to enjoy food without worry. I wanted to enjoy exercise for the fun of it. I wanted to feel turned-on by life… but I had no idea how to get there. I knew my current ways weren’t working but I just felt really discouraged.

(Does any of this ring a bell for you?)

After a decade of searching for answers far and wide, I discovered a powerful path! I healed old wounds and a transformational awakening occurred. The powerful path I discovered was through the joy of conscious dance. I can now say I am FREE AT LAST and I feel truly confident and at home in my body.

Jennifer Jiminez

This confidence, joy and freedom creates a positive ripple effect on EVERYTHING I do and everyone around me! This powerful movement-practice has helped me to fall in love with my body and create a new relationship with my body and my health.

Maybe you want the things I do, like

  • Feeling really FREE in your body
  • Nourishing your body with food that fuels you and feeds your soul
  • Unleashing your fully confident, most successful, courageous self
  • Finding joy and pleasure with fitness & movement
  • Putting yourself and your needs at the top of your list
  • Enjoying fun, new, healthy habits that are loving to your body and nourishing to your soul!

Well – I wanted those things too, and it wasn’t until I found a path that helped guide me to a new, deeper, more loving relationship with my body that I was able to accomplish these things and more.

This conscious dance practice has also helped me to improve my marriage of 20 years, be more patient, loving to my three kids, increase my motivation to follow my passion, and it’s given me so much more energy to fully live my purpose!

Jennifer Jiminez Family on the Beach

Would you like to experience this kind of
Confidence and Freedom in your body and in your life?

How do you FEEL right now, IN YOUR BODY? Do a quick body check…

  • Are you feeling tired, stiff & stressed?
  • Are you feeling cut off from your body or inner spirit?
  • Are you feeling less vibrant than you used to?
  • Are you feeling self-conscious or judgmental about your body?
  • Are you losing touch with the real joyful you?

Well whether you are feeling pretty good, or not so good at all, I’d LOVE to share with you this powerful & fun path to feeling truly free in your body and have you experience increased self-confidence, energy, and joy in your life.

I’m the creator of TranscenDance™ Body Vitality Program – A life changing, transformational movement method.

I have helped thousands of people, of all ages and backgrounds, worldwide, overcome years of struggle to come home to their body and unleash greater self-confidence, through conscious dance and transformational life coaching.

I feel so grateful to now have the ability to offer YOU this same gift as well.
And all from the safety and comfort of your own home.

Here’s what some clients are saying about trying this movement practice for themselves…

I am loving and appreciating my body in a way I have never known before, and it is such a wonderful feeling.
~ Melinda A. Saratoga Springs, UT

I remembering how much I used to dance as a little girl and I’m feeling that freedom again!
~ Kimi – Honolulu, HI

I’m embracing my feminine. . . sinking into the warm goddess light that joins us all together as sisters …. So I danced and twirled, (with Jennifer’s videos), and I felt ecstatically alive and inspired!
~ Jenny N. Hampden, ME

“It has given me the encouragement to move, the motivation to do it, and the inspirational videos to dance too. Releasing stress, making me happy and healthy xx Thank you!”
~ Liz L., Whitchurch, Shropshire United Kingdom


You are invited to join me and thousands of beautiful souls worldwide who are all loving The TranscenDance™ Body-Vitality Program.

This powerful program is easy to follow, fun,
and super-convenient.

The TranscenDance™ Body-Vitality Program is a powerful 60-minute movement practice taught in
Five Powerful Online Teaching Videos.

Experience TranscenDance™
from the comfort of your own home!


Computer, Smart Phone & Tablet-Friendly

When you register for this program and get immediate access to all 5 online teaching videos, you feel as if you are right in my private mind-body studio with me as I teach you the TranscenDance™ conscious dance practice. Every time you do this fun movement practice with me you begin to create a more loving relationship with your body and you are guided to release blocked energy, heal, and unleash you most confident self, resulting in feeling more and more FREE in your body!

This is not your typical movement program.

There are NO difficult steps to follow. On the contrary, this is about you learning to listen to your own body wisdom and move in ways that feel wonderful and pleasurable to YOU!

No dance experience required
All ages, and physical abilities welcome. Even people with physical challenges, in a wheel chair, injuries, you name it. If you can move, even a little, you CAN dance, and you will LOVE this program.

Set to a backdrop of beautiful inspiring music, in a relaxing virtual yoga studio, each video is very easy to follow, and leaves you feeling rejuvenated, energized, and motivated.
(Videos are easily accessible on computers, tablets or smart phones)


TranscenDance™ is based in authentic movement as a transformational and healing art. It’s a powerful blend of; relaxing stretching, deep-breathing, fun free-form movement and conscious dance, positive-creative visualization, energy healing, embodiment coaching, and life empowerment.

Program Details:

  • Full TranscenDance™ Practice Taught in 5 Inspiring Online Video Lessons
  • Convenient 24/7 Access from the comfort of your own home, office, or even while traveling.
  • Videos Play Easily Online on computers, smart phones or tablets. (No physical DVD product is mailed, this is online only.)
  • Inspiration and Motivation from me (your new movement mentor), as I show you, by example, how to embody more confidence & freedom.

No special equipment needed; just a small space around you.
Regular exercise clothes are fine, no shoes necessary.
All ages and abilities welcome (ages 3-101).


The TranscenDance™ Body-Vitality Program
is designed to help you in 5 core areas.

  1. Move your body with more freedom, grace, and flexibility!
  2. Release tension, stress and blocked energy, for good.
  3. Increase your self-confidence by reducing negative self-talk.
  4. Install a new pattern for Self-Love and FUN to fuel your life.
  5. Live from your core essence and take courageous action in the direction of your dreams.

And much more…

Now I have a question for you…

You can keep doing what you are doing, and keep getting the same results, or you can…

Give yourself the gift of a fun, proven conscious movement practice with The TranscenDance™ Body Vitality Program.

And once you say YES to yourself through this program you can begin to heal old wounds, awaken the power of your body wisdom and experience more joy. It is so much fun to give yourself permission to just dance, the way YOUR body wants to dance. And this type of movement unlocks a wave of life force energy that positively impacts everything you do and everyone around you in amazing ways!

“Jennifer Joy Jiménez has what it takes to open the floodgates to femininity, flexibility and freedom. Her commitment to authentic movement creates the safety within which stiff, overworked and out-of-touch women like myself can open the doors to self-love and develop the courage to move and express ourselves with confidence and authenticity. What’s it going to take to breakthrough your limitations, self-judgment and self-image so you can finally express and experience Life as it moves through you? Jennifer Joy Jiménez cracked me wide open, and she can do the same for you.”
-Tera Warner Creator of WISH (Women’s International Summit For Health)

Feeling at home in your body is truly priceless!


What’s the program investment?

Note ~ My clients typically invest thousands of dollars for private movement and transformational life coaching with me. This video program is like having me in the comfort of your own home, accessible 24/7 whenever it’s convenient for you!

You will get immediate access to all my highly valuable tools, techniques, and methods that I teach my private clients… For only a fraction of the cost…with ALL the life changing benefits!

I want to make this a super easy YES for you by offering a special limited time discount…

Normal Program Investment – $49.97

Special Program Investment – $29.97

(Get this special limited time discount before I take it down)


Plus receive TWO Valuable FREE Bonuses


Free Bonus #1

“Love Your Body ~ Build Your Confidence”
Guided Meditation Mp3 with Jennifer
(total time – 10 min.)


Free Bonus #2

The TranscenDance™ Body Vitality Program Instructional GuideBook
(downloadable pdf)


Gain a deeper understanding, discover additional exercises, and get a movement journal, printable positive affirmations, and more!


You’re being invited to…

Close the blinds
Shut the door
Open Your Heart and Soul
And Dance Like No-one Is Watching


“We have come to be danced
Not the nice, invisible, self-conscious shuffle
But the strip us from our casings, return our
wings, shed the dead cells and
slip into the luminous skin of love dance…”


YES, I Want To Dance Into More Confidence,
Freedom & Self Love Now!

You also get a 100% Money-Back Guarantee, which means you have nothing to lose! I will take ALL the risk out of it for you. If you are not 100% satisfied with this program within the first 30 days I will give you a no-hassle, full refund. Plus you get to keep the Free Bonus Meditation for simply trying this out.


Today is your day to start feeling better in your body!


Here’s to more radiance and confidence!


Jennifer Joy Jiménez

P.S. – You can experience a breakthrough in your relationship with your body! I am inviting you to let life flow through you freely and joyfully, as you express your authentic self with grace and beauty! People will begin to notice your GLOW, and that twinkle in your eye and new bounce in your step. Get ready to begin to create a NEW relationship with your body that leads you to having FUN and feeling healthier and better than you’ve felt in years! Get started now!

Still have questions? Please email me to:


Read The Rave Reviews!

Felicia_sm“Through TranscenDance™, not only did I rediscover my love for dance, I discovered my love for my body. Before, I exercised to “whip myself into shape.” I used to love to dance but my need to be perfect and in shape took the joy out of it for me. Through movement, I have released and healed past traumas, have developed a deep appreciation for my body and her wisdom and have fallen in love with dance again.”
– Felicia Searcy – Thousand Oaks, CA

“In the work I do, I can easily get stuck in my head and out of touch with my body. Working with Jennifer has really given me a chance to get re-connected and grounded in my body. She has helped me gain more poise and grace which has been especially crucial to the work I do as a public speaker. Thank you so much Jennifer.”
– Nancy Marmolejo Anaheim, CA (Marketing Strategist, Speaker, Author)

“I just finished a weekend of TranscenDance™ workshop. It has been absolutely great, it is absolutely transforming, and it gets primal. If you’re somebody who is a little shy about moving you have to give this a shot because it just stirs you up from the inside out. It’s really great, thank you so much Jennifer for being here. I appreciate the opportunity.”
– Chrysoula Hatzilias

“Hi I’m Peggy Dyer and I just got done with TranscenDance™ workshop. This class opened up my heart, it opened up my soul, it energized me, it made me think differently and it made me act differently. It was one the most inspirational classes I’ve ever taken. You don’t want to miss it! Go to TranscenDance™, you gotta go!”
– Peggy Dyer

“Watching Jennifer move is like viewing spirit in action. Through power, grace, and beauty she commands attention.”
– Vinn Arjuna Marti, designer of Soul Motion

“As movement art healers and teachers, we have always believed in the value of gifted and creative teachers sharing themselves and their work to help others. Jennifer reminds us that through dance, we can evolve into spirited and spiritual beings who celebrate the joy and gift of life in the body.”
– Debbie and Carlos Rosas, Creators of The NIA Techinque

“I tell you this was a wonderful experience, Jennifer is great. Her middle name is Joy and she deserves that name! I had such a transition today, I was able to dance in fact I didn’t even know who was dancing inside of me because it was a new person and I felt very free. So I appreciate her very much! If you want to have a positive change, I strongly recommend TranscenDance™”
– Brian Piccolo

“Hi my name is Denise and I just finished TranscenDance™. It was an awesome class. From an instructor’s point of view it allows us to be able to teach from literally the ground up and be able to bring into a place of stillness again. It’s like a rebirthing, it helps with everything: emotional, physical, and spiritual. It’s a wonderful, wonderful experience. You should really experience this for yourself.”
– Denise Mussio

“Okay so this class is called TranscenDance™, and my personal experience was exactly that. I had a transcendent experience of myself and my body. You gotta do this! That’s all I can say. You’ve got to do this, you’ve gotta try it! You’re gonna love it!”
– Brian Black

“This weekend I took a class called TranscenDance™. It was the most invigorating and exciting class I’ve taken in a long time. This is an opportunity to just be free and let go of things. TranscenDance™ is a good way for you to come alive from inside yourself and experience a oneness with so many people that is so gratifying. I cannot tell you how wonderful this experience has been. I completely recommend everyone to do this.”
– Caryn Davis

“I’ve been a massage therapist for 24 years and I have been teaching for just over 20 of those years. I had the opportunity to experience Jennifer’s TranscenDance™ class and I found it amazing. We went through the 10 stages: we went from quiet & calm, to moving & intense, I was sweating my butt off, I was dancing, laughing, I’m relieved, and I slept great! I’ve done other movement classes but this has been by far the best experience I think I’ve ever had.”
– Randy Fillion

Are You Ready?

YES, I Want To Dance Into More Confidence,
Freedom & Self Love Now!